My Blog's aim is to promote and encourage others to participate in the wonderful hobby that is Moth-trapping.
So why do we do it? well for some people it is to get an insight into the world of Moths, for others it is to build a list of species much like 'Twitching' in the Bird world.
The reason I do it....you never know what you might find when you open up that trap!
I hope to show what different species inhabit our Country by getting people aware of what is out there.
On this Blog you will find up-to-date records and pictures.
I run a trap regularly in my garden in Hertfordshire and enjoy doing field trips to various localities within Hertfordshire and Essex

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NFY = New Species For The Year
NFG = New Species For The Garden
NEW! = New Species For My Records

Any Species highlighted in RED signifies a totally new species for my records.

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

A Marvel of the night!

Last night the pick of a measly crop of 8 moths to the Actinic was undoubtedly this pristine large female Merveille du jour which directly translates in French as 'Marvel of the day'.
Of course with moths being primarily nocturnal, it certainly was the marvel of the night for me.

It wasn't the only moth new for the year as Yellow-line Quaker also put in an appearance.

I'm still hoping for something extra special in the trap, high on the list is probably Dusky-lemon Sallow, Flounced Chestnut and Dewick's Plusia.

I can only dream of such moths at present but you just never know!

Merveille du Jour

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A very pleasing catch last night

Warm and breezy conditions are the flavour recently with highs of 18 degrees and a mixture of sunshine and showers but with these warm conditions finally moths are rearing their heads again and after a few poor catches recently of just a handful of moths, it was all systems go this morning with 28 moths of 18 species. 
3 new species were added to the yearly list and other highlights included three migrant species, Scarce Bordered Straw (the 2nd for the garden), Silver-Y (47th this year) and Udea ferrugalis (5th this year).
The Scarce Bordered Straw was a vey tiny individual and could well be a British grown off-spring and not a true migrant at all. 

With the warmth continuing to push in from the near continent things are set to be even milder ino the weekend.

Traps out people as it's also National Moth Weekend.
Catch Report - 10/10/17 - Back Garden - Stevenage - 1x 125w MV Robinson Trap

Macro Moths

1x Brick [NFY]
1x Blair's Shoulder-knot [NFY] 
1x November Moth sp [NFY]
2x Barred Sallow
2x Chestnut
1x Dusky Thorn
1x Feathered Thorn
3x Green-brindled Crescent
5x Large Yellow Underwing
1x Lesser Yellow Underwing
1x Mallow
1x Scarce Bordered Straw
2x Shuttle-shaped Dart
1x Silver-Y

Micro Moths

1x Acleris sparsana
1x Blastobasis adustella
2x Epiphyas postvittana
1x Udea ferrugalis

Blair's Shoulder-knot



Green-brindled Crescent ab.capucina

Scarce Bordered Straw

Udea ferrugalis

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Latest from the home trap

Here are the latest species that i've recorded to my trap this past week.
I trapped on four occasions using the MV on warmer nights and the Actinic on cooler nights.

New Species and species of note for the Garden/Year Report - Back Garden - Stevenage - 1x 125w MV Robinson Trap

Deep-brown Dart [NFY] (30/09/17) - After trapping one out in the field last Monday night, a big female (whom later laid eggs for me) I was very pleased to trap a male on Saturday night. It isn't a very common moth for me with just 3 records over the last 3 years.

Mallow [NFY] (30/09/17) - Another species that I took whilst at Ashwell Quarry recently turned up in the garden trap as well, the Mallow.. a striking good-sized Geometer. Again I don't have many records of this species in 6 years with just 4.

Carcina quercana [NFY] (30/09/17) -  One of my latest individuals, in fact I was surprised to see that my latest was from the 20th of October in 2014 and the latest for the County as well.

Nomophila noctuella (30/09/17) - After a few records this year of the commonly known migrant Rush Veneer it was nice to get a vividly marked individual as all of the others were either worn or grey in colouration.

Ruby Tiger Caterpillar (30/09/17) - Yes, larvae also seem to be attracted to the mercury vapor bulb and the caterpillar was found curled up in one of the egg trays.

Acleris sparsana (01/10/17) - Into October and a lovely fresh Acleris sparsana was found on the patio on Monday morning, one of the best examples i've ever seen.

Blastobasis adustella (01/10/17) - Only my 3rd ever October record in 11 years of recording moths of this common species.

Treble Brown Spot (01/10/17) - A late record and 3rd brood of Treble Brown Spot was a nice surprise on Monday morning, with my previous latest on 22/09/13. In fact only my garden has produced a September/October record.

Luffia ferchaultella (02/10/17) - I found a tiny (4.5mm) moving case at work on one of the industrial bins. It's been a few years since I last saw one so pleasing to get it confirmed as usually they are bright green in colouration.

Red-line Quaker [NFY] (04/10/17) - A year first Red-line Quaker was potted up before bedtime on Wednesday, a regular moth to my trap and far more common than it's sister, the Yellow-line Quaker.

Chestnut (06/10/17) - Last seen in February earlier this year, a pristine Chestnut was the only moth of note this morning with a small catch of 12 moths of 9 species.

Carcina quercana

Deep-brown Dart pair

Deep-brown Dart


Nomophila noctuella

Ruby Tiger Caterpillar

Acleris sparsana

Blastobasis adustella

Treble Brown Spot

Luffia ferchaultella

Red-line Quaker