My Blog's aim is to promote and encourage others to participate in the wonderful hobby that is Moth-trapping.
So why do we do it? well for some people it is to get an insight into the world of Moths, for others it is to build a list of species much like 'Twitching' in the Bird world.
The reason I do it....you never know what you might find when you open up that trap!
I hope to show what different species inhabit our Country by getting people aware of what is out there.
On this Blog you will find up-to-date records and pictures.
I run a trap regularly in my garden in Hertfordshire and enjoy doing field trips to various localities within Hertfordshire and Essex

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NFY = New Species For The Year
NFG = New Species For The Garden
NEW! = New Species For My Records

Any Species highlighted in RED signifies a totally new species for my records.

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

A change in weather yields a new moth

Wednesday (and as per a previous post) I was scheduled to go out but in brief my wife wasn't very well and the weather was a little iffy after a huge thunderstorm on Tuesday night with some localised downpours.
Conditions seemed better on Wednesday but the expected temperature of 28 degrees never materialised and we topped out at 22 degrees here, which is still relatively respectful.

The trap was set-up with the rain cover firmly on expecting more rain, which did come at some point in the night.

By the morning, the catch was quite pleasing with a new Tortrix moth for me and always a sweetner adding it to the garden list, Adoxophyes orana the Summer Fruit Tortrix and making it the 1st County record for Hertfordshire!

Other nice moths included a year first Tree-lichen Beauty, a moth that is increasing its range across the Country and the last 3 years it has been recorded from my garden.

Chinese Character was also very welcome and I have had just one record in 2013 and 2015 so far, so as you can see it is a bi-yearly singleton species and very consistent. 

Mompha propinquella returned after a 4 year absence, a pretty unusual little moth that is very photogenic.

Also I’m pretty sure I have both Acleris laterana and comariana, the latter a rare moth in Herts having caught the second County record many years ago on the farm, laterana would be a year first and comariana would be a garden first. Both will need dissecting to be 100% the photos look convincing. 

Epiblema costipunctana was back after its debut year last year, a thistle feeder and a most welcome second garden record.

And finally Zelleria hepariella was a new species of Micro Moth for the garden having recently recorded one at Scales Part in North-east Herts, not a common moth for me I must add. 

As I finish typing, Saturday has been a complete wash-out and last night's catch was completely sodden...more on that soon.

Catch Report - 19/07/17 - Back Garden - Stevenage - 1x 125w MV Robinson Trap
Macro Moths

1x Chinese Character [NFY]
1x Tree-lichen Beauty [NFY]
1x Bright-line Brown-eye
3x Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1x Buff Footman
2x Common Footman
11x Common Rustic
1x Common Wainscot
1x Dark Arches
1x Dingy Footman
2x Dot Moth
2x Dun-bar 
2x Elephant Hawk-moth
1x Grey Dagger
1x Haworth's Pug
1x Heart & Dart
1x July Highflyer
2x Least Carpet
2x Maple Pug
1x Mottled Beauty
1x Mottled Rustic
2x Nut-tree Tussock
1x Poplar Hawk-moth
1x Purple Thorn 
1x Red Twin-spot Carpet
14x Riband Wave
1x Rustic 
3x Scarce Footman
1x Scalloped Oak
2x Silver-Y
1x Smoky Wainscot
1x V-Pug
6x Uncertain
1x Yellow-tail

Micro Moths

1x Adoxophyes orana [NEW!]
1x Zelleria hepariella [NFG]
2x Acleris laterana/comariana [NFY] 
1x Agriphila tristella [NFY]
1x Eucosma conterminana [NFY]
1x Eucosma hohenwartiana [NFY] 
1x Mompha propinquella [NFY]
4x Pammene regiana
1x Prays fraxinella
1x Acleris forsskaleana  
1x Acrobasis advenella
2x Acrobasis suavella
10x Agriphila straminella
11x Blastobasis adustella
2x Chrysoteuchia culmella
1x Coleophora sp
2x Cameraria ohridella
1x Cnephasia sp
3x Cydia spledana 
7x Endotricha flammealis
18x Eudonia lacustrata
3x Eudonia mercurella
1x Euzophera pinguis
2x Oegoconia sp
1x Pammene aurita
2x Pandemis heparana
9x Pleuroptya ruralis 
2x Plutella xylostella
6x Spilonota ocellana
9x Yponomeuta evonymella
Adoxophyes orana

Agriphila tristella

Chinese Character

Epiblema costipunctana

Eucosma conterminana

Acleris laterana & comariana?

Mompha propinquella

Tree-lichen Beauty

Zelleria hepariella

Friday, 21 July 2017

Slowing down a little

After a record-breaking start to the summer for moths in our County, things have slowed down somewhat for the garden trap, still some interest about and it's usually the time to look out for quality as numbers get lower making it easier to spot moths that you otherwise may have missed. 

Monday night was a bit cooler but still warm enough for some activity.

Eucosma cana, despite being a common moth in the county and extremely common on field trips, it seems to be quite scarce in my garden and the one example on Monday night was the first since 2014.
Previous records are one example in 2014 and 8 in 2013.

Another Eucosma, Eucosma obumbratana turned up as a year first as well and certainly more regular being recorded in the last 4 years but with just 1 or 2 records per year.

Catch Report - 17/07/17 - Back Garden - Stevenage - 1x 125w MV Robinson Trap
Macro Moths

1x Dusky Thorn [NFY]
1x Single-dotted Wave [NFY]
1x Vapourer Moth [NFY]
2x Bright-line Brown-eye
2x Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1x Buff Arches 
1x Buff Footman
1x Clay
1x Cloaked Minor
3x Common Footman
9x Common Rustic
3x Dark Arches
1x Dingy Footman
1x Dot Moth
1x Double Square-spot
4x Dun-bar
1x Flame Shoulder
1x Garden Carpet 
1x Grey Dagger
1x Haworth's Pug
2x Heart & Dart
1x July Highflyer
2x Least Carpet
1x Mottled Beauty
1x Mottled Rustic
2x Nut-tree Tussock
1x Poplar Hawk-moth
1x Purple Thorn 
1x Red Twin-spot Carpet
10x Riband Wave
1x Rustic 
1x Scarce Footman
1x Silver-Y
1x Smoky Wainscot
1x V-Pug
3x Uncertain
2x Yellow-tail

Micro Moths

1x Argyrotaenia ljungiana [NFY[
1x Aspilapteryx tringipennella [NFY] 
1x Eucosma cana [NFY]
1x Eucosma obumbratana [NFY]
2x Pammene aurita [NFY]
1x Acleris forsskaleana  
1x Acrobasis advenella
3x Acrobasis suavella
1x Agonopterix heracliana
9x Agriphila straminella
1x Anania coronata
1x Anania hortulata 
14x Blastobasis adustella
1x Bryotropha affinis 
1x Bryotropha terrella
4x Chrysoteuchia culmella
3x Coleophora sp
8x Cameraria ohridella
2x Cnephasia sp
2x Cydia spledana 
1x Ditula angustiorana
3x Endotricha flammealis
6x Eudonia lacustrata
7x Eudonia mercurella
2x Euzophera pinguis
1x Oegoconia sp
1x Pandemis heparana
5x Pleuroptya ruralis 
1x Plutella xylostella
2x Pyrausta aurata
8x Spilonota ocellana
4x Yponomeuta evonymella

Aspilapteryx tringipennella

Dusky Thorn

Vapourer Moth

Argyrotaenia ljungiana

Eucosma cana

Eucosma obumbratana

Euzophera pinguis

Maple Pug