My Blog's aim is to promote and encourage others to participate in the wonderful hobby that is Moth-trapping.
So why do we do it? well for some people it is to get an insight into the world of Moths, for others it is to build a list of species much like 'Twitching' in the Bird world.
The reason I do it....you never know what you might find when you open up that trap!
I hope to show what different species inhabit our Country by getting people aware of what is out there.
On this Blog you will find up-to-date records and pictures.
I run a trap regularly in my garden here in Hertfordshire and enjoy doing field trips to various localities within Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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NFY = New Species For The Year
NFG = New Species For The Garden
NEW! = New Species For My Records

Any Species highlighted in RED signifies a totally new species for my records.

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Herts Recent Notables and Rarities Reported

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Last week from the garden moth trap

Not much to report at the end of last week, some nights I didn't trap because of continous rain and a brisk cool breeze. 
I did however pick two windows of opportunity on Thursday and Sunday night (17th & the 20th)

Both catches were really poor and with temperatures no more than 11c minimum, it wasn't very impressive for mid-June to say the least.

Year-listers still trickling in which keeps thing ticking over, even when the weather is rather against us.
Only new for year species listed below.

Moth species for 2021 in the garden now stands at 183.

17/06/21 - Back Garden - Stevenage - North Herts - 125w MV Robinson Trap
Macro Moths
Blotched Emerald 1 [NFY]
Treble-bar 1 [NFY]

Micro Moths
Crambus pascuella 1 [NFY]

20/06/21 - Back Garden - Stevenage - North Herts - 125w MV Robinson Trap
Macro Moths
Barred Yellow 1 [NFY]

Micro Moths
Dichrorampha sp 1 [NFY]
Blotched Emerald

Crambus pascuella

Barred Yellow



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